Our focus

The focus of our Department’s research is to create knowledge that is relevant to the daily work (of general practitioners and other disciplines collaborating) in general practice. As general practice itself, the focus is based on the core values: generalistic, personal and continuous care.

In the past, many research projects in general practice were researcher-driven. Findings frequently did not reach general practice. On the other hand, when GPs would like to have certain questions explored, these were not placed on the research agenda, and so relevant issues for general practice escaped the attention of the researchers.
Recently, our Department has been trying to narrow the gap between research(ers) and care providers by including care providers in selecting research topics, facilitating rather than initiating research. The scope of our scientific publications has broadened to not only cover organ systems, but also research the organization of general practice, registration networks and implementation of guidelines. We also offer a structured educational programme to teach the art of doing research.