Krista Koetsenruijter

Project title
Acquiring competencies in elderly care: dealing with complexity.

Prof. dr. J.W.M. Muris
Prof. dr. A. Scherpbier
Dr. Y van Leeuwen
Dr. W. Veldhuijzen

General practitioner (GP) trainee learn during practice and educational moments. Elderly care is an imported aspects that is being teached. This care is complex due to multiple morbidity on somatic, social, psychological and functional aspect. Competent GP’s, who take care of an increasing elderly population with multimorbidity, are needed in the future.

In the literature not much is known about the competencies of GP trainee in providing care for the elderly. The central aim of this study is to explore how training programmes can be designed to support GP-trainees’ in achieving competence in complex elderly care. The project will deliver which educational methods works best for GP trainee on how complex elderly care should be learned and how existing methods can be used or improved.