Kirsten Peetoom

Project title
Childhood Infections Limburg (CHILI-0): optimizing information supply about febrile children in well-child clinics and child care emplacements.

Prof. Dr. GJ Dinant & Dr. JWL Cals

Fever is common in children, especially in the age of 0 to 4 years old. In most cases is fever caused by a benign (virus) infection and is medical treatment not needed. However, parents are worried that fever points out a serious illness and this is expressed in the high percentages of feverish children taken to the general practitioner.

The aim of the CHILI study is to develop and determine the effectiveness of a GP-parent information exchange tool that can be used to inform parents about fever in well-child clinics, child day care centers, the GP-out-of-hours setting. By informing parents we aim to improve their knowledge, level of self-management and confidence of parent and thereby to lower the number of GP consultations and the prescription of antibiotics.

CHILI-O in particular focuses on improving information provision to parents about fever in well-child clinics and child day care centers. CHILI-0 is a four-year trajectory and started in May 2014. The aim of the first year is to gain insight in the needs of end-users regarding the information provision about fever (professionals and parents). In addition, a systematic literature will be performed to achieve an understanding of the use of parental educational interventions focusing on fever and childhood infections in well-child clinics and child day care centers.