Karin van Leersum

Project title
Development and evaluation of a decision aid for clients facing long-term care decisions.

Prof. dr. Trudy van der Weijden, prof. dr. Judith Wolf, dr. Albine Moser and dr. Ben van Steenkiste.

A pre-study has been performed (8 months) to investigate the factors on which clients base choices for care. A decision about services, caregivers and care organizations has to be made by clients in need of long-term care. This project considers care of elderly, mental health care, care of people with disabilities, and social care (WMO). The objective is to develop an interactive web-based decision aid for clients, their informal caregivers, and independent care coordinators (onafhankelijke cliëntondersteuners), to assist during the difficult decision-making process. The theoretical model of goal setting and shared decision-making will be relevant. The decision aid should explore the values and preferences of the clients. After the steps to identify the values and preferences, the tool could help with the clarification of care possibilities most compatible with the client and give guidance for the steps a client should subsequently take in the preference-sensitive decision-making process.

The quality of the decision-making process is expected to improve if clients make conscious decisions based on quality and suitable care. Based on the pre-study, clients prefer care applicable to their situation, preferences, values, goals, and wishes. A decision aid guiding clients through the decision-making process is currently not available.