Implementation of Evidence

Programme Leader
Trudy van der Weijden Full Professor Implementation of Evidence
Staff (PhD)
Marjan van den Akker Multimorbidity, cancer, polyfarmacy
Sandra Beurskens Affiliate Professor Measurements in healthcare
Loes van Bokhoven Vague symptoms
Frans van der Horst Diabetes and Work
Jos Kleijnen Full professor Systematic Reviews in Health Care
Martien Limburg Full Professor Quality and Innovation of Care
José Maessen Implementation Science
Tiny van Merode Burden of disease
Albine Moser Autonomy of the Elderly with Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Jos Schols Full professor of Old Age Medicine
Ben van Steenkiste Prevention of cardiovascular risks, Implementation Science
Jelle Stoffers Cardiovascular diseases, Pulmonary embolism
Huibert Tange E-Health, Electronic Health Records, Computer Gaming in health care
Wemke Veldhuijzen Doctor-Patient communication
Yvonne Winants Gender, Domestic Violence
PhD Candidates
Doris van Abbema The Klimop-study: Older cancer patients in Belgium and the Netherlands
Janine Collet Psychiatric care for elderly institutionalized patients
Anneke van Dijk Selfmanagement Diabetes mellitus
Jerôme van Dongen Interprofessional selfmanagement
Dunja Dreesens The relation between clinical practice guideliens and shared decision making
Jolanda Friesen Evidence Based Nursing and Shared Decision Making
Freek Gillissen Sustainability and cost-effectiveness of healthcare innovations
Esther Giroldi Doctor-Patient communication, reassurance
Jeanny de Groot RCT of a stepped implementation strategy that aims at the normalisation of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery programme in major gynaecological surgery
Ron Heijnen Evaluation of an early admission to a nursing home for stroke patients; integrating clinical, economical and patients’ perspectives
Stephanie Lenzen Interprofessional selfmanagement
Wilma Savelberg-Pasmans Breast conserving or non-conserving surgery? Development of a decision tool for patients and the standardization and optimisation of patient-centred communication
Anita Stevens Goal setting and measurement instruments, in paramedical primary care practices in the community
Jasper Trietsch Farmaceutical and Diagnostic Multidisciplinary Team Meeting
Viola Voncken Selfmanagement COPD
Lonneke Willemstein NESBED study; Nursing home Environment Study of BEhaviour in Dementia
Hugo de Wit Evaluation of an Electronic Medication Review System