Research Team

We have many researchers at the Department of Family Medicine. Our senior staff meets every friday afternoon without a formal agenda.
As allmost all of our research belongs to CAPHRI Care And Public Health Research Institute, we clustered our research by the programmes of the School. You can find the programmes on the left side, or you can use the search engine. The PhD panelmember at CAPHRI on behalf of our Department is Kirsten Peetoom.

All scientific publications can be found on PubMed. All our PhD dissertations are electronically available at the library of Maastricht University.

If you cannot find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.



Title Surname Name Fiels of interest / specialties Email
Dr. Akker, van den Marjan multimorbidity, cancer, polyfarmacy Email
Prof.dr. Beurskens Sandra Professor of Goal-oriented measurement in patient care Email
Dr. Bokhoven, van Loes Undefined and unexplained complaints, Interprofessional collaboration Email
Prof.dr. Buntinx Frank Professor in Clinical Epidemiology in Primary Care Email
Prof.dr. Burgers Jako Professor Promoting Personalised Care in Clinical Practice Guidelines Email
Dr. Cals Jochen Infectious Diseases, Fever, Acute Cough Email
Prof.dr. Dinant Geert-Jan Professor in Research in Primary Care Email
Dr. Duimel Inge Care for the Elderly,chronic diseases and movement disorders Email
Dr. Erkens Petra Acute Pulmonary Embolism, thromboembolism Email
Dr. Geel, van Tineke Osteoporosis Email
Dr. Kant, van de Kim asthma, paediatrics, obesity, gynaecology Email
Prof.dr. Kleijnen Jos Professor in systematic reviews Email
Prof.dr. Knottnerus André Professor in Research in Primary Care Email
Prof.dr. Kotz Daniel Smoking cessation, COPD, clinical epidemiology Email
Dr. Maessen José Implementation of guidelines  
Dr. Merode, van Tiny Burden of disease Email
Prof.dr. Metsemakers Job Full professor in Family Medicine Email
Dr. Moser Albine Patient participation, interprofessional education and collaboration, qualitative research Email
Prof.dr. Muris Jean Professor Asthma and COPD in Primary Care Email
Prof.dr. Rademakers Jany Professor Health Literacy and Patient Participation Email
Prof.dr. Schayck, van Onno Professor of Preventive Medicine Email
Prof.dr. Schols Jos Professor in Old Age Medicine Email
Dr. Slok Annerika Assessment of Burden (of COPD) tool Email
Dr. Spigt Mark Innovation of care Email
Dr. Steenkiste, van Ben Implementation of guidelines Email
Dr. Stoffers Jelle Multimorbidity, Polypharmacy, Cardiovascular Disease, Genetics, ECG and Thromboembolism & scientific writing Email
Dr. Stolper Erik Gut feelings  
Dr. Tange Huibert Computer gaming health care, eHealth Email
Dr. Timmerman Angelique Educational research: communication, assessment Email
Dr. Wagemans Annemieke medische beslissingen rondom levenseinde, Down-poli Email
Prof.dr. Weijden, van der Trudy Full professor in Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines and Shared Decision Making Email
Dr. Willeboordse Maartje Movare project: healthy elementary schools Email




Titel Achternaam Naam Trefwoorden Email
Drs. Abbema, van Doris KLIMOP study: Cancer in the Elderly in the province of Limburg  
Drs. Baghus Anouk When and how to train GP trainees in shared decision making Email
Mr. Besselaar, van den Hélène Relationship between Doctors and Patients with unexplained complaints Email
Drs. Bont, de Eefje The CHILI study: Optimizing management and medication of febrile children in out-of-hours primary care Email
Drs. Brand, van den Floor CATCH: Continuous Abstinence Through Corporate Healthcare Email
Drs. Collet Janine Research on Double Care Demanders needing both psychiatric and Nursing Home care Email
Drs. Dijksman Ies Telepsy: eTool (eDiagnostics) for Primary Mental Health Care  
Drs. Dongen, van Jerôme Inter-professional Support in primary care in providing self-management support to chronically ill patients Email
Drs. Dreesens Dunja In it together: what happens between patient and doctor when deciding about the patient’s care? Email
Drs. Friesen Jolanda Evidence based nursing en shared decision making  
Drs. Gillissen Freek Sustainability of changes in Health Care Routines achieved through two different implementation strategies and the ensuing effects on policy cost effectiveness  
Drs. Groot, de Jeanny RCT of a stepped implementation strategy that aims at the normalisation of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery programme in major gynaecological surgery Email
Drs. Heijnen Ron Evaluation of a new stroke care pathway characterized by early admission to a nursing home Email
Drs. Hoogsteder Philippe Nicotine Vaccination Trial Email
Drs. Jonge, de Laury Is it all in the mind? Email
Drs. Koetsenruijter Krista Acquiring competencies in elderly care: dealing with complexity Email
Drs.  Leersum, van Karin Development and evaluation of a decision aid for clients facing long-term care decisions Email
Drs. Lenders Donna Polypharmacie Intervention Study Limburg Email
Drs. Lenzen Stephanie Inter-professional Support in primary care in providing self-management support to chronically ill patients Email
Drs. Peetoom Kirsten Childhood Infections Limburg (CHILI-0): optimizing information supply about febrile children in well-child clinics and child care emplacements. Email
Drs. Penders Krystle The detection of personality disorders in community-dwelling elderly Email
Drs. Savelberg-Pasmans Wilma Breast conserving or non-conserving surgery? Development of a decision tool for patients and the standardization and optimisation of patient-centred communication Email
Drs. Schols Angel Point-of-care testing in primary care Email
Drs. Stevens Anita Goal setting and measurement instruments, in paramedical primary care practices in the community Email
Drs. Verbiest-van Gurp Nicole  Detecting and Diagnosing Atrial Fibrillation Email
Drs. Willemsen Robert biomarker FABP (Fatty Acid Binding Protein) bij cardiale klachten Email